Pipe Organs of the Rich and Famous 2

Shipment of this book is anticipated for later this year. The names of individuals who subscribe now will have their names included in the book.

Since the first volume of Pipe Organs of the Rich and Famous appeared in 2014, the question has been asked many times: “When will there be a volume two?” It is now in publication and focuses on organs played and owned by famous people, many perhaps not so rich, but most are more famous than the subjects discussed in the first volume. In Volume Two, we explore organs associated with prominent Americans: the Fords, James Deering, the Ringling Brothers, Thomas Edison, and Joseph Pulitzer; humanitarians Albert Schweitzer and Martin Luther King; organ virtuosos: Daquin, Bruckner, E. Power Biggs, and Virgil Fox; famous preachers Henry Ward Beecher, Mary Baker Eddy, and Aimee Semple McPherson; and great composers: Beethoven, Wagner, Verdi, Reger, Messiaen, and Elgar; and the trinity of French organ composers: Guilmant, Widor, and Vierne.

This volume is profusely illustrated with many previously-unseen photographs, organ stoplists, and biographies of any number of people not usually associated with the King of Instruments.

We hope to have included something for everyone’s interest and taste, but especially we hope to have shown the organ in all its facets, both sacred and secular, serious and entertaining, and the myriad way it enters our lives and continues to give inspiration as well as pleasure to so many millions of people.

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