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Saint Rose of Lima (Perry County Consortium of Catholic Parishes)
1907 2M A.B. Felgemaker Co.; Opus 952

Photo: Len Levasseur

Daily Schedule

Times, venues and presenters subject to change without notice. Check back on this page for publishing of updates or changes.
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Optional Prelude #1 Event
Saturday, July 30, 2022
Note: Buses depart 2:00 PM and return to hotel prior to dinner

Tours at:
Museum of Catholic Art and History, Columbus
c.1870-1872 1M Marshall Bros. Organ Builders
c.1840 1M Chamber Organ - Unknown Builder
“A Catholic Church museum that celebrates iconic Catholic culture and heritage through art, music, statuary, and even several pipe organs. The museum embraces art that helps reference Christian history and the congregations of the Reformation. The museum holds in high esteem the Jewish faith and preserves a significant collection of Jewish art and history. The museum also holds as a purpose the inventory, display and restoration of artistic and liturgical items to sacred use in the Diocese and as far away as the domestic and foreign missions.”

Dinner On Your Own

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Optional Prelude #2 Event
Sunday, July 31, 2022
Note: Buses depart 10:15 AM and return to hotel prior to dinner

Organ Demonstrations:
Saint John United Church of Christ, Dover
1938 3M Votteler Holtkamp Sparling, Job 1575;
R. 2018 Schantz Organ Co., Opus 2333
Rhonda Edgington, organist

Group Lunch

Dennison Railway Chapel, Dennison
1925 2M A. J. Schantz, Sons & Co., Opus PW97
Sol Rizzato, organist

Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, Dennison
“The most significant remaining example in the nation of a railroad canteen still reflecting its WWII heritage. The restored 1873 Pennsylvania Railroad Depot features railroad equipment including two Steam locomotives (including a Chesapeake and Ohio 2-8-4 #2700), several freight cars (including a Nickel Plate Caboose), numerous passenger cars (including a Pennsy Parlor Car and Wabash Railway Post Office Car), and a rare WWII Military Hospital Car, one of only 6 left in the country.”

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Sunday, July 31, 2022 – Main Convention
Note: Buses depart 7:30 PM; Late arrivals join by alternate means given proximity to hotel.

Dinner On Your Own

Special Twin Evening Concerts:
First Congregational Church, Columbus
1972 3M Rudolf von Beckerath Orgelbau GMBH
Peter Sykes, organist

First Congregational Church, Columbus
1931 4M W.W. Kimball Co., K.P.O. 7066; R. 2004 Peebles-Herzog, Inc.
Dr. Damin Spritzer, organist

Convention Hotel Exhibits Open

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Monday, August 1, 2022
Buses depart for daytime programming at 9:00 AM and return to hotel prior to dinner
Buses depart for evening concert at 7:15 PM

Organ Demonstrations:
First Congregational United Church of Christ, Marysville
1895 2M John Brown Organ Co.
Bruce Stevens, organist

Sacred Hearts Church, Cardington
1897 2M Henry Pilcher's Sons
Mark Sudeith, organist

Group Lunch

First Baptist Church, Delaware
1895 2M Carl Barckhoff Church Organ Co.
Stephen Price, organist

Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Delaware
c.1870 1M Koehnken and Co.
Robert Barney, organist

Ohio Wesleyan University - Gray Chapel, University Hall, Delaware
1980 4M Orgelbau Klais Bonn, Opus 1557; R. 2013 Orgelbau Klais Bonn
Stephen Schnurr, organist

Dinner On Your Own

Official Welcome & Co-sponsored Evening Event:
The Pontifical College Josephinum – St. Turibius Chapel, Columbus*
2003 3M Beckerath Orgelbau
David Baskeyfield, organist
*Program made possible in part by the Sacred Music Institute of America

Convention Hotel Exhibits Open

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022
Note: Annual Meeting & Breakfast starts at 8:00 AM. Buses depart for morning programming at 9:30 AM and return to hotel prior to lunch. Buses depart for afternoon programming at 2:15 PM and return to hotel prior to dinner. Buses depart for evening concert at 7:00 PM.

OHS Members Breakfast & Annual Meeting
Hilton Columbus Downtown, Columbus

St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church, Columbus
1902 Wm. Schuelke Organ Co.; R. 2000 Muller Pipe Organ Company
Lorenz Maycher, organist

Old First Presbyterian Church, Columbus
1929 3M Skinner Organ Co., Opus 773
Dr. Andrew Schaeffer, organist

Lunch On Your Own

E. Power Biggs Scholarship Concert:
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Columbus
1900 & 1913 2M Barckhoff Church Organ Co.; R. 2001 Peebles-Herzog, Inc.
2022 recipients of the E. Power Biggs Scholarship in Recital
Adam Cobb, Jonathan Gregoire, and Sarah Schiener, organists

Dinner On Your Own

Special Private Evening Event:
Feature Silent Film “Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans” (1927) – Winner of Three Academy Awards
Ohio Theatre, Columbus
1928 4M Robert Morton Organ Co., Opus 2366
Clark Wilson, organist

Convention Hotel Exhibits Open

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Wednesday, August 3, 2022
Note: Buses depart for daytime programming at 8:30 AM and return to hotel midday. Buses depart for evening concert at 7:00 PM

Organ Demonstrations:

First Hope United Methodist Church, Crooksville
c. 1911 2M Stevens Organ & Piano Company
J.R. Daniels, organist

Group Lunch

St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church, Junction City
1854 1M Matthias Schwab
Gregory Crowell, organist

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, New Lexington
1907 2M A.B. Felgemaker Co., Opus 952
Andrew Scanlon, organist

Special No Host OHS Happy Hour & Dinner On Your Own

Evening Concert:
Capital University – Mees Hall, Bexley
2005 3M Schantz Organ Co., Opus 2265
Scott Montgomery, organist

Convention Hotel Exhibits Open

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Thursday, August 4, 2022
Note: Buses depart for daytime programming at 9:00 AM and return to hotel prior to dinner. Buses depart for evening concert at 7:00

Organ Demonstration:
Covenant Presbyterian Church, Springboro
1890 2 M Frank Roosevelt, No. 478
Yun Kim, organist

St. John United Church of Christ, Germantown
1974 1 M John Brombaugh & Co.; Opus 23a
David Schrader, organist

Group Lunch

Dayton Masonic Center – Schiewetz Auditorium, Dayton
1926 4M Skinner Organ Co., Opus 624; R. 2018 Hunt Krewson-Pipe Organ Service
Grant Wareham, organist

Self-guided Tour & Organ Demonstration:
The Dayton Art Institute – Mimi & Stuart Rose Auditorium, Dayton
1929 2M Skinner Organ Co., Opus 749; R. 2017 Hunt-Krewson Pipe Organ Services & Columbia Organ Works, Inc.
Justin Hartz, organist

Dinner On Your Own

Final Evening Concert & Wesley C. & Lucinda Dudley Memorial Event:
St. Joseph Cathedral, Columbus
2006 3M Paul Fritts & Company, Op. 25
Katelyn Emerson, organist

Final Night - Convention Hotel Exhibits

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Optional Postlude Event
Friday, August 5, 2022
Note: Buses depart for daytime programming at 9:00 AM and return to hotel prior to dinner

Isaac M. Wise – Historic Plum Street Temple, Cincinnati
1866 3M Koehnken & Company; R. 2005 Noack Organ Co., Opus 147
Michael Unger, organist

Organ Demonstration:
Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral – Centennial Chapel, Cincinnati
2018 2M C.B. Fisk, Inc., Opus 148
Katherine Johnson, organist

Group Lunch - Downtown Cincinnati

Organ Demonstration:
Old St. Mary Church, Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati
1929 4M Austin Organ Company, Opus 1702; R. 2014 Austin Organs Inc.
Don VerKuilen, organist

Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral – Nave, Cincinnati
2020 3M Richards, Fowkes & Co., Opus 24
Christopher Marks, organist

Dinner On Your Own