This list is used with the kind permission of the OHS and has the support of both Allen Kinzey and Sand Lawn, compilers of the Aeolian-Skinner Opus List.

Readers are reminded that stoplists posted on Aeolian-Skinner Archives are intended to show the stoplists of the organs as they were when they left the factory and that this list is meant only to supplement, not replace, the published list.  A much more complete overview of the organs, as well as notes on current condition and/or alterations, can be found in the OHS publication.  See the links page for ordering information.

We are deeply indebted to Allen Kinzey for the insight, factory specifications and shop notes that he has provided.

Note: Years shown indicate when contracts were signed and do NOT reflect years of installation.

NB = Not Built
NR = No Record

* = Picture included on Specification page

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Opus      Location                          City            State Date    Manuals

          St. Paul's Episcopal Church       Pomona          CA
Specs     First Congregational Church       Watertown       CT    1952    2
          First Methodist Church            Key West        FL    1960    2
          All Saints' Episcopal Church      Lakeland        FL            3
          St. Paul's Lutheran Church        Tampa           FL            2
          First United Methodist Church     Vero Beach      FL            2
          First United Methodist Church     Douglas         GA    1960    3
          First United Methodist Church     Manchester      GA            2
          St. John's Lutheran Church        Charles City    IA    1949    3
          Methodist Church                  Estherville     IA
          First Methodist Church            Independence    IA    1955    2
          Unitarian-Universalist Church     Portsmouth      NH    1953    3
Specs *   First Presbyterian Church         Glens Falls     NY    1953    5

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