Ĉolian-Skinner books available for purchase online:
    Ĉolian-Skinner Opus List (Kinzey & Lawn)
    An American Classic Organ.  A History in Letters (Callahan)
    Ĉolian-Skinner Remembered (Callahan)

American Guild of Organists, The
    A guild established to promote excellence in organ playing.

American Institute of Organ Builders, The
    A guild similar to the above but whose focus is on the building of quality instruments.

    Featuring photos of churches in the UK and New York City.

JAV Recordings
    Producer of recordings of American and European organs.

Organ Historical Society, The
    An organization dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of the pipe organ.

Organ Site, The
    A look at large pipe organs around the world - a database of 3,000 organs with large picture galleries.

Osiris Archive
    A worldwide database of organ stop lists.

    The famous radio program broadcast via Real Audio courtesy of Minnesota Public Radio.

    An international electronic mailing system discussing pipe organs and related topics.

Pro Organo Records
    Another company dedicated to pipe organ and choral recordings.

UK Incorporated Association of Organists
    An organization for 90+ affiliated organists' associations & individual members throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.

Vermont Organ Academy
    A company dedicated to recording Skinner and Ĉolian-Skinner instruments.

Aeolian-Skinner Archives