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R.S. Williams & Sons Co, circa 1898 | St. Paul’s Basilica | Toronto, Ontario

Photo: Len Levasseur

Welcome to Toronto!

More than three years in the planning, (thanks COVID!) it is wonderful to remind you of the extraordinary event taking place next July. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a global center for music, the arts, and festivals. We invite you to take a sneak peek into what promises to be a cultural and educational extravaganza.
As the capital city of the province of Ontario, Toronto is also the center of what is known as the Golden Horseshoe region. By looking at a map one can easily see the ring of the horseshoe from Niagara Falls Ontario to around Oshawa. Here resides one-quarter of the population of Canada. Throughout the region one can find massive tourist investment (Niagara Falls), steel and automotive industries (Hamilton and Oakville), world-class wineries and vineyards (Niagara region), and the central hub of banking, finance, and retail (center city). And yet with all this commerce, Toronto is welcoming, friendly, and engaging for a holiday or for a festival.

A Festival of Pipes: Building Bridges, Forging Friendships encompasses all the best feelings and experiences of conventions past. You know what I mean: the late night banter, the meeting of old friends, getting to know new colleagues, the festive feeling of a shared recital experience, and the joy of learning something new about an instrument, a performer, or a composition.
Getting Around Toronto
Please download our “Getting Around Toronto” PDF to assist in your travel plans. Feel free to print this PDF out and bring it with you on your trip as a handy reference guide.
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2023 Calendar
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The Festival Committee

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Mark Ruhnke
Festival Co-Chair
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Ed McCall
Festival Co-Chair
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David Weind
Festival Co-Chair
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David Cruikshank