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OHS Travel-Orgue 2022

Concert Hall Organs in the United States

Pipe organs in American concert halls are nothing new in the annals of music history. In 1763, Bostonian Stephen Deblois ordered an organ from the renowned London maker, John Snetzler, for his music hall on Queen Street. During the nineteenth century, one looks no further than the great four-manual organ by E. & G.G. Hook of 1864 in Mechanics' Hall Worcester, or the handsome three-manual Odell organ of 1890 in the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. Then there is the Great Organ, as it came to be known, from the old Boston Music Hall, currently in Methuen, Massachusetts. During the twentieth century, concert-hall organs proliferated across the United States by such great American builders as Lynn Dobson, C.B. Fisk, M.P. Möller, E.M. Skinner, and Michael Quimby. What is new, however, is the 2022 OHS calendar, featuring spectacular, high-resolution imagery, captured predominantly by our own Len Levasseur, showing many American concert-hall organs in some never-before seen photographs.

Instruments by:

  • Flentrop Orgelbouw
  • Bedient Pipe Organ Company
  • Holtkamp
  • C.B. Fisk, Inc.
  • E.F. Walker and Company
  • Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company
  • Dobson Pipe Organ Builders
  • Geo. S. Hutchings
  • Austin Organ Co.
  • Glatter-Götz Orgelbau
  • Rosales Organ Builders
  • Hutchings-Votey Organ Co.
  • J.W. Steere & Son Organ Co.
  • Skinner Organ Co.

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