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Upright Minuette
Minuette - A three rank self contained organ designed for the home, chapel or mortuary use.  American organ builders commonly have designed and built such similar instruments to appeal to that portion of the market which would not wish to undergo the expense of a custom-designed instrument.
Grand Minuette
Grand Minuette - Similar to the upright Minuette, however designed in the shape of a grand piano.  This format required much more careful fitting and mitering of pipes.  In both instruments, the 16' stop was provided using "haskelled" pipes. Click on image to see photos of an organ which once belonged to Rudy Valle
Specification of the Solo Automatic Pipe Organ - Designed as a small residence organ of six ranks on a unit chest, thereby making all sounds available on both manuals.  What is interesting is that the stop names seem to be borrowed from the style used by the Aeolian Organ Company for many of its house organs. Commander Evangeline Booth of the Salvation Army had one of these (Opus 2966) at her home in Hartsdale, Long Island.

Residence Organ with Automatic Player Mechanism - Available in 2 or 3 manual versions, commonly most, or all , stops were available at either keyboard, providing greater flexibilty from just a few ranks of pipes.  The company produced hundreds of rolls of popular and classical songs for this instrument.

Three Manual Console with "Haskell" stop action -  Notice the extra set of "keys" above the third keyboard. Pressing a white key turned on the stop, pressing its adjacent black key turned it off.  The idea never caught on with other builders, and was eventually dropped by Estey.

"Luminous" or "Cash Register Console - The stop action was controlled by pressing cash register type buttons, which lit up when depressed.  It is interesting to note that some more recent builders have used a similar idea in their consoles; however organists tend to prefer more traditional drawknobs or tablets.

"Majestic" Unit Organ - A small, unit organ designed for those locations where size and cost were of concern. The three rank version contained Open Dipason, Bourdon & Viole ranks; the four rank version added at Trumpet or Oboe rank. The instrument competed with similar ones by Moller and Wicks.

Console for both Automatic and Hand Playing

Automatic Luminous Residence Console


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