Pipe Organ Exchange

When the Estey Company began making pipe organs, their stated  goal
was to build small, practical, sturdy affordable instruments. In this, they were most successful.
On occasion we learn of Estey pipe organs that are no longer needed in their present location, and in
need of a new home.  Sometimes they simply need to be moved and installed.  Other times more
extensive work is needed to bring the  instrument to functional and useable condition. Often, these
instruments can be obtained for very little cost. Other times, we hear of churches that, if they could
afford one, would rather have a pipe organ than an electronic substitute.

While we are not organ builders, we know well that restoring and/or rebuilding a pipe organ can
frequently provide a good, serviceable instrument at a fraction of the cost of a new organ. If your church
or organization is  hoping to obtain a small pipe organ, please feel free to send us an email, and we'll see
what we may be able to do to assist you.

Available Organs

                    3 Rank 2MP Unit Estey from late 1950's - excellent condition; however, will need some retoration.
                               Two sets of swell shades for chamber. Diapason, Flute, Viole ranks.

8 Rank 2MP Estey Tubular-Pneumatic from 1920's - excellent condition with pipe facade. Needs to
            be thoroughly cleaned, and probably releathered.  Swell: 8 Stopped Diapason, 8 Salicional,
            4 Flute Harmonic, 8 Oboe (labial); Great: 8 Open Diapason, 8 Dulciana, 8 Melodia;
            Pedal: 16 Bourdon

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