Estey City, NM

Today the site of Estey City is not available
    to the tourist for it lies within the boundaries of the restricted
    White Sands Missile Range. During the turn of the century, however,
    there was promise that Estey City was to become an important
    copper mining town. David M. Estey of Michigan was the controlling
    force behind the Estey Mining and Milling Company that owned
    about three hundred claims in the district. Operations began
    and by 1901 the town had about 250 citizens and a rosy future.
    But the future was short lived. The European panic of 1901-1902
    forced copper prices downward and by May of 1902 Estey City was
    all but gone. A short time later, copper was once again in demand
    and the town had a re-birth until 1910 when it finally became
    a ghost town for good

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