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William A. Aldrich

Edward J. Anderson

Fred Anderson

Robert V. Anderson

Robert V. Anderson, Jr.

A. Anita Atamaniuk

Mark K. Atamaniuk
Eber Augustson
Eber Augustson

Ivan Augustson - final assembly

Bertram E. Baldwin, Jr. - Sales Manager

Arthur H. Barnard

Hazel C. Barnard
Daniel H. Bement - "...one of the oldest employees of the Estey Organ Co. celebrated his eightieth birthday anniversary Ovtober 30. The ocassion was made happy and interesting for Mr. Bement by his comrades at the factory, in the manner that is usually adopted by young people instead of veterans. He was presented with many little gifts, consisting of books, cut-flowers, etc." The Music Trades, Dec. 14, 1903

Benjamin Betts

George Bigelow - final assembly

Edward W. Bird

Carl W. Bjorklund

Nellie Blanchard

William Blanchard - final inspection 35 years

Charles Booker - finishing

William Brame

Clayton Bradeen

Charles H. Brockington

Mabel Brockington

George K. Brooks

A. Brungardt

Harry A. Burrington

James E. Buzby
Claude Carr
Claude H.Carr

John Chambers

Howard E. Chapin

Alonzo F. Crosier

Helen M. Crown

Alfred A. Dascomb

Anthony DeMatteo

G. Orville Dunklee - Plant Superintendent
Harry Ekberg
C. Harry Ekberg

Oscar Ekberg

Arthur L. Ellis

Raymond E. Ellis

Allethaire C. Estey
Jacob Estey - President & Founder
Julius Estey - Vice President

Wilson G. Estey - Sales Manager

Edward E. Fallstone

Oscar S. Fellows

Robert W. Fisher

Edward D. Fitzgerald

Wallace W. Foster
Levi K. Fuller

James Galvin

Elsie D. Gaul

Victor J. Gero

Fay Gilson - foreman, finishing

Lada Gould
Marshall Grout
Marshall D. Grout

James G. Guilheen

Mary E. Guilheen
August Gunzinger
August F. Gunzinger - apprenticed at several large organ-building shops in Germany, France and Switzerland. Served as pipe maker and voicer to Aristide Cavaille-Coll for seven years. Came to Estey Organ Company in 1905.

Charles Gunzinger - Head Voicer

Myrtle A. Gunzinger

Henry Hancock - President

Alfreda P. Harris

Leon L. Harris

Mary Harris

Charles E. Haskell
William Haskell
William E. Haskell (1865-1927) Came to Estey in 1901 to head up the company's pipe organ department. A prolific inventor, he had numerous patents to his credit, including the so-called labial or "reedless" reed stops and the Haskell-bass pipes.  Click on photo for more information.                                                                                                                       

Fred Hebden

Charles Henkel   (1842-1915) Woodworker and designer of many of the cases for the Este reed organs.

Elroy Hewitt
Elroy "Cy"E. Hewitt - began working for Estey during the summer when he was 13 in 1912 and was employed full-time in 1916 at the age of 17.  He worked for the company until all the employees were let go and the company closed in 1958, except for a short period in 1932 when the company was closed due to bankruptcy.

William A. Howe

James Blaine Jamison (1882-1957) Employed by Estey from 1920-1933.  An early proponent of the concept of the "clarified ensemble" as an alternative to the largely 8' based organs of the early 20th century.  In 1933 he went to work for the Austin Co. for years, designing many important organs for that company.

Emma C. Johnson

Henry Johnson

Oscar B. Johnson

Thorwald A. Johnson

Guy C. Jones

Joseph L. Jones - brother of Samuel H. Jones. Together they established a reed organ making firm in Brattleboro, VT in 1846, which was bought out in 1852 by Jacob Estey. This was the beginning of the organ business ub Brattleboro.

Samuel H. Jones

Sidney T. Jones

Clayton F. Knapp

Raymond C. Livingstone

Arthur H. Longueil

Doris V. Magnuson

Alice B. Manning

Archie D. Marchant

Hilmer Marine

Werner Marine - final inspection 36 years

Andy Mastaler

Charles W. Merritt

Nelson Nephew

Oscar Pearson

Elmer Pike

Floren L. Pike

William L. Pomeroy

Leo Potvin - final assembly

Premo F. Ratti - Executive Vice-President & Treasurer
Hyacinth Renaud
Hyacinth J. Renaud

Paul Rupert - Estey organ agent in Saltillo, PA


Bernard R. Reynolds

Paul L. Sadd

Bradford Sargeant

Martin Schlatner

Harry J. Sexton - finishing

Francis D. Shallow

Summer M. Sherman - Appointed superintendent of the tuning department and began his duties
August 19, 1901

Rollin Simons

Harry M. Sparks
Georg Steinmeyer - Head of the Pipe Organ Division (1955-60).

Ellen B. Stiff

Lewis C. Stiff

Glendon C. Stillings

Albert Streeter

Harry B. Sugden

Clarence W. Trendall

Edwin Votey - born June 8, 1856 at Ovid in Seneca County, NY, the son of a Baptist pastor, the Rec. Charles Votey. In April 1873, the family moved to West Brattleboro, VT where Charles Votey had been called to take charge of a newly established Baptist Church. Formerly a meetinghouse for the Universalist Society, the building had been purchased and repaired with funds from three directors of the Estey Organ Co.

Floyd Ware

Harry F. Waters


Martha L. Weeks
John Wessel
John Wessel - born in Zoeterwoude, Holland 11/15/22. Employed by Estey in 1954. Since the closing of the company in 1960, John has repaired Estey organs extensively in the area, and probably has had more experience with Estey pipe organ construction than any other living person.

Ernest M. White - Foreman

Rosamund Whitworth

Lawrence T. Wightman

Harry D. Wilbur

Charles E. Wilson - reed making

Hannah O. Wilson
Grace Wisell
Grace A. Wisell
Ida Worden
Ida B. Worden

William J. Young, Jr.


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