The Phonorium Organ

By 1893, Estey had built in excess of 250,000 organs of various styles and designs.
Always looking to improve, they set out to build the ultimate reed organ and created the Phonorium.
However, this ultimate designed organ brought with it a price that halted the Phonorium of ever going into production. Consequently, there are only a handful of Phonoriums in existence today.

One Manual Phonorium
Conservatory Phonorium
Church Phonorium

Of these the Phonorium seen below has the largest musical specifications. Containing 12 sets of reeds,
 each set being complete and full with only two sets being divided and shared.
The organ is built using a vacuum system. 

Please "click" on the picture below for details about this instrument.

 Until recently this wonderful instrument was owned by David Smith of Outback Mechanical Music
in Bainbridge, NY.
Unfortunately, in June 2006, a disastrous flood devastated
areas in central New York State, damaging many of the instruments in this collection.
Your webmaster contacted Mr. Smith, and both agreed that the next best location
 for this instrument would be in its place of manufacture, Brattleboro, VT. 
The organ is now in storage in Brattleboro awaiting restoration in 2007.

Phonorium Trading Card