Trinity Church
Victor Talking Machine Co. Studio
Camden, NJ
Opus 1850/2370/2529

Photograph from the book, THE POET OF THE ORGAN;

The instrument was originally installed in Trinity Church as Estey Op. 1850.
Victor purchased the building in the early twenties for use as a recording studio
and in 1926 brought Estey back to enlarge the instrument.
A third manual and additional features (e.g. 2nd touch) were added to the console,
and several ranks of new pipes were intended to make the organ more useful in playing various musical styles.

Thomas "Fats" Waller played this organ in a number of recording sessions for Victor between 1926 and 1935.

Great Organ
8' Major Open Diapason
8' First Open Diapason
8' Second Open Diapason
8' Major Flute
8' Flute
8' Gamba
8' Gemshorn
8 Viol d'Orchestre
8 Viol Celeste
4 Flute
4 Flute Harmonic
8 Oboe
8 Cornopean
8 Clarinet
8 Saxophone
8 Vox Humana

Swell Organ
All stops duplexed from Great,
with the addition of Tremolo

Solo Organ (New 1926)
  8 Stentorphone
  8 Tibia Plena
  8 Gross Gamba
  8 Gamba Celeste
  8 First Violin III
  4 Flute
  2 Piccolo Harmonic
  8 Orchestral Oboe
16 Tuba Profunda
  8 Tuba
  4 Clarion

Pedal Organ
16 Open Diapason (1926)
16 Bourdon (1926)
  8 Bass Viol
16 Trombone
  8 Tuba

Estey Opus List
Shop Orders
Dr. John H. Landon

Thomas "Fats" Waller at the Victor Recording Studio,Camden, NJ Estey (Opus 1850,2370,2529)