Birmingham, Alabama

Ensley-Highland Presbyterian Church

Skinner Organ, Op. 576 (1926) in Ensley-Highland Presbyterian Church (Birmingham, AL)
Skinner Organ, Op. 576 (1926) in Ensley-Highland Presbyterian Church (Birmingham, AL)
Builder:        Skinner Organ Company
   Year:        1926
   Opus:        576
No. manuals:    2
No. stops:      13
No. ranks:      8
No. pipes:      543
                GREAT ORGAN                          SWELL ORGAN
             8' Diapason            73            8' Gedeckt             73
             8' Gedeckt             SW            8' Salicional          73
             8' Aeoline             SW            8' Voix Celeste (TC)   61
             4' Flute               SW            8' Aeoline             73
             8' Flugel Horn         SW            4' Flute               73
                Chimes                            8' Flugel Horn         73
                                                  8' Vox Humana          pf
                PEDAL ORGAN                          Tremolo
            16' Bourdon             32
             8' Gedeckt             12
                Chimes              GT


Source: Randy Terry

Photo Source: Dr. James H. Cook

Notes: The organ has two cases, one on either side of the chancel – but the organ was installed completely on the left side.

At some point, an 8' Viola, 4' Principal and 2' Piccolo were added to the Swell. Under Samuel Burke's tenure, the organ was rebuilt. Colby rebuilt the console and John Hendriksen worked with Sam to revise the stoplist. The Vox Humana, which had been added after the original installation, was sold, and the Aeoline from Skinner Op. 515 was installed in its place as a celeste to the original Aeoline. A Concert Flute from 515 went into the vacant right side case as an independent flute on the Great. A Skinner Oboe was acquired and expanded with a 16' octave for the Swell/Pedal.

Church closed in 1991; organ removed in 2011 by Robert I. Coulter Organbuilders, with some pipework and parts being used for a new instrument installed in 2012 in the chapel of South Highlands Presbyterian Church, Birmingham.

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