Pittsburgh, PA
Carnegie Music Hall

Builder:		Ernest M. Skinner Company
  Year:			1910
  Opus:			180
No. manuals:		4
No. stops:		65
No. ranks:		57
No. pipes:		3,310


The contract was for the below tonal changes to the 1895 Farrand & Votey, along with a new moveable console.
	8'	First Open Diapason		(new on unit chest)
	8'	Gross Flute			(new)
	8'	Tibia Minor			(new)
	8'	Erzahler			(new)
	8'	Gamba				(new)
	8'	Trombone			(new on new chest)
	8'	First Diapason			(new, maybe on new chest)
	8'	Second Diapason			(new)
	8'	Claribel Flute			(new from tenor C)
	8'	Quintadena			(new)
	4'	Gemshorn			(new)
	8'	Cornopean			(possibly revoiced, maybe on new chest)
	8'	Open Diapason			(revoiced)
	8'	Gamba				(revoiced)
	8'	Dulcet				(new)
	16'	English Horn			(new on new chest)
	8'	Orchestral Oboe			(new on new chest)
	8'	Stentorphone			(new)
	16'	Trombone			(revoiced)
	8'	Tuba				(new)
	32'	Contra Bourdon			(new)

Source: OHS Archives, via Jonathan Bowen; clarification by Allen Kinzey.

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