Englewood, New Jersey

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Builder:        The Ernest M. Skinner Co.
   Year:        1905
   Opus:        134

The contract was for revoicing and additions to the existing organ.

                GREAT ORGAN
             8' Open Flute                  added; leathered lips
                1st Open Diapason           revoiced; placed on higher wind; leathered lips
                2nd Open Diapason           revoiced; leathered lips
             8' Harmonic Tuba               added; like St. Luke's Montclair, N.J.; 15" wind
                Extend Swell box to cover Tuba on Great chest
                PEDAL ORGAN
            16' Ophicleide                  added; to blend with Great Tuba; 15" wind

Source: OHS Archives and EMS shop notes, via Jonathan Bowen

Organ Historical Society Database: https://pipeorgandatabase.org/OrganDetails.php?OrganID=19639