Washington, D.C.
The National Cathedral, Chapel of Joseph of Arimathea

Builder:		Ernest M. Skinner & Son Organ Co.
  Year:			1938
No. manuals:		2
No. stops:		16
No. ranks:		9


	8'	Diapason
	8'	Gedeckt			SW
	8'	Salicional		SW
	8'	Voix Celeste		SW
	4'	Flute			SW
	III	Mixture			SW
	8'	Flugel Horn		SW
	8'	Gedeckt
	8'	Salicional
	8'	Voix Celeste
	4'	Flute
	III	Mixture
	8'	Flugel Horn
	16'	Gedeckt			SW
	8'	Gedeckt			SW
	5 1/3'	Gedeckt			SW

Source: The Life and Work of Ernest M. Skinner, by Dorothy Holden, via Jonathan Bowen.

Notes: The organ was a gift to the cathedral by the Washington, D.C. AGO Chapter.  It was moved to the north crypt aisle after 1941.  After the 1970's, it was moved to Resurrection Chapel, where it was baked to death by radiant heat pipes.  It has been completely removed.

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