Bach was organist at Mühlhausen for only a year, 1707-8. At his request, the organ (built 1691) was rebuilt by J. F. Wender , 1708-9 - - after Bach left the position.

Bach's list of work to be done in the rebuild covers several different aspects of the organ, including both its disposition and its mechanical condition.164

  • Winding.
    Bach requested repairs to existing bellows and asked for additional bellows, in order both to produce adequate wind in the first place, and to control it properly after it was produced.

  • Additional division.
    A Brustpositiv was to be added, with the stops listed below. Note that this division filled the role of similar divisions in North German organs of the preceding century:
    • It had color/solo stops/ensembles (Schalmei, Tertia, Quinta).
    • It had a principal chorus that contrasted with the other two manuals (2' Octave, Mixture III).
    • A coupler to the Oberwerk was to be provided.

  • Changes in existing disposition.
    • The following changes in Oberwerk stops were to be made.
      • The 8' Trompete was replaced by a 16' Fagott.
      • The 8' Gemshorn was replaced by an 8' Viola da gamba.
      • The Quinta was replaced by a Nassat (i.e., changed from a narrow-scale principal to a wider flute).
    • A 32' Untersatz was to be added "for gravity."
    • The 16' Posaune was to be given new resonators and tongues, again so that the stop had the proper "gravity."
    • A Glockenspiel, consisting of 26 tuned bells, was to be added to the Pedal.


C, D-d'''
C, D-d'''
C, D-d'''
C, D-d'
Quintatön 16 Gedackt 8 Stillgedackt 8 Untersatz 32
Principal 8 Quintatön 8 Flöte 4 Principal 16
Violdegamba 8 Principal 4 Principal 2 Subbass 16
Oktave 4 Salicional 4 Terz 1 3/5 Oktave 8
Gedackt 4 Oktave 2 Quinte 1 1/3 Oktave 4
Nassat 2 2/3 Spitzflöte 2 Mixtur III Rohrflötenbass 1
Oktave 2 Quintflöte 1 1/3 Schallmey 8 Mixtur IV
Sesquialtera Sesquialtera II Posaune 16
Mixtur IV Cymbel III Cornetbass 2
Cymbel II Glockenspiel 4
Fagott 16
Couplers: Rückpositiv to Oberwerk, Brustwerk to Oberwerk, Oberwerk to Pedal

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