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2013 Vermont Convention Article
from The Tracker

2013 Convention Article from the Winter issue of The Tracker in Acrobat Reader PDF Format. View all the instruments and learn more about the venues and surrounding areas.
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Convention Schedule at a glance
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Scheduling Tips

Tips for scheduling arrival and departure

  • First convention event
    Monday, June 24, 2013, at 6:30 p.m.
    Buses board and depart Hotel at 6:00 p.m.
  • Final regular convention event
    Friday, June 28, 2013.
    Return to hotel following evening concert by 10:00 p.m.
  • Final event of Optional Day
    Saturday, June 29, 2013.
    Return to hotel following final event by 4:15 p.m.
June 24

Recital Hall, University of Vermont
C.B. Fisk Op. 68 (1976), 3 manuals, pedal  
Recitalist: Joan Lippincott

June 25

Grace United Methodist Church
E. & G.G. Hook & Hastings Op. 699 (1873), 1 manual, pedal
Recitalist: Lynnette Combs

United Church of Cabot
Hook & Hastings Op.1699 (1896), 2 manuals, pedal
Recitalist: Permelia Sears

Saint John the Baptist Episcopal Church
Smith & Allen (1887-88),
    tonally altered by Andover Organ Co. (1997), 2 manuals, pedal
Recitalist: Robert Barney

Greensboro United Church of Christ
Wm. A. Johnson Op. 253 (1868),
    altered by Andover (1972), 2 manuals, pedal
Recitalist: Samuel Baker

First Congregational Church
The Vermont Chamber Players
Works for Chamber Organs and Instruments
Chamber organs by Henk Klop (2001),
    A. David Moore (2010), 1 manual
Estey Reed Organ, ca. 1885
Organists: David Neiweem and Mark Howe

June 26

Vermont College of Fine Arts
Geo. S. Hutchings Op. 135 (1884), tonally altered by M.A. Loris.
    Enlarged with more alterations by Andover Organ Co. (1979),
    2 manuals, pedal
Recitalist: Paul Tegels

Unitarian Church of Montpelier
Geo. Stevens (1866), Altered (1898), Hill, Norman & Beard (1967),
    restored by Andover Organ Co (2005), 2 manuals, pedal
Recitalist: Carol Britt

Annual Meeting followed by Recital

Stowe Community Church
W.B.D. Simmons (1864), Hill, Norman & Beard (1959),
    Andover (2003), 2 manuals, pedal
Estey Reed Organ
Recitalists: John and Marianne Weaver   

Dinner Cruise on Lake Champlain
Join us on The Spirit of Ethan Allen III

June 27

Holy Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Church
Ernest Desmarais (1892), 2 manuals, pedal
St. Albans
Recitalist: Isabelle Demers

First Congregational Church
Hook & Hastings Op. 1567 (1893),
     Hale & Alexander/Andover, 2 manuals, pedal
St. Albans
Recitalist: Christopher Anderson

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Geo. Jardine & Son (1889), 2 manuals, pedal
St. Albans
Recitalist: Rosalind Mohnsen

St. John’s Episcopal Church
Henry Erben (ca. 1837), 1 manual, pedal
Highgate Falls
Recitalist: Gregory Crowell

Grace Episcopal Church
Henry Erben (1833), restored Andrew Smith (2000), 1 manual, pedal
Recitalist: Peter Crisafulli

First Baptist Church
E. & G.G. Hook Op. 342 (1864), 2 manuals, pedal
Recitalist: Ray Cornils

June 28

The United Church of Randolph
Estey Organ Co. Op. 1008 (1912), 2 manuals, pedal
Recitalist: George Bozeman

Bethany Church, UCC
Geo. S. Hutchings Op. 344 (1894), 2 manuals, pedal       
Recitalist: Glenn Kime

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
E. & G.G. Hook (ca. 1836), Enlarged (ca. 1875),
    altered by A. David Moore (1975), 2 manuals, pedal
Recitalist: Lois Regestein

United Methodist Church
Wm. B.D. Simmons & Co. (1854/55),
     enlarged by A. David Moore (1975), 2 manuals, pedal 
Recitalist: Lubbert Gnodde

St. John the Evangelist R.C. Church
Wm. B.D. Simmons (1865), slight alterations (1886),
     and by Michael A. Loris (ca. 1970), 2 manuals, pedal
Recitalist: James Cook

United Federated Church
William Nutting, Jr. (1868), Rebuilt by H.P. Seaver (1895).
     Restored by Andover Organ Co. (2005), 2 manuals, pedal
Recitalist: Christopher Marks

Cathedral Church of St. Paul (Episcopal)
Karl Wilhelm Op. 32 (1973), 2 manuals, pedal
Recitalist: James David Christie

Optional Day

June 29

The Round Church  
pre-1850 Unknown, 1 manual
Estey Melodeon (ca. 1868)
Recitalist: Demetri Sampas

United Methodist Church
Estey Organ Co. Op. 2691 (1927), 2 manuals, Pedal, (tubular)
Recitalist: Philip Stimmel

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
E. & G.G. Hook Op. 306 (1862), 1 manual, pedal                 
Recitalist: Margaret Angelini

Charlotte Meeting House at The Shelburne Museum
Derrick, Felgemaker & Co. (ca. 1869), 1 manual, pedal
Recitalist: Jim Weaver 

Optional Day Saturday June 29, 2013
“Along the Lake” - don’t miss it!

SATURDAY brings music together with Vermont’s splendid architecture and artifacts that speak to the unique qualities of this beloved state. First up, the Round Church in Richmond ‑ the best known Church in Vermont‑ celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2013. Demetri Sampas (2009 Biggs scholar) plays its little chamber organ and the Estey melodeon. Then, on to Vergennes where we hear Margaret Angelini playing an 1862 E. & G.G. Hook, and Phil Stimmel a 1927 Estey organ. We lunch at the renowned Shelburne Museum and cap our venture with time to choose among 20 historic structures, including the 220 foot Steamboat Ticonderoga, situated amongst the beautiful gardens. Enjoy the great collections of folk art, quilts, decoys and carriages before gathering at the 1840 Charlotte Meeting House to hear OHS Executive Director Jim Weaver play the ca. 1869 Derrick & Felgemaker one manual "portable" organ.

And we will be back at the hotel in time for a flight out, or a drink and dinner!

Visit the
Estey Organ

The Estey Organ Museum will be open for extended hours the weekends before and after the Organ Historical Society Convention June 24-29 in Burlington, Vermont, and will accommodate convention visitors during the week.

The museum is located in the Engine House of the Estey Organ Company’s factory buildings at 108 Birge Street (rear) in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Visit the Museum's website for details.

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