The windy city . . .
  ABOVE: Bird's Eye View of the
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893.
. . . not from breezes off the lake but the wind of politicians!  Wind will also affect our travels if, as I earnestly hope, YOU will join us!

Behold the mighty Rockefeller Chapel Organ that will be played by Nathan Laube. A new tone opening into the nave and improved acoustics will be in evidence.

Rockefeller Chapel

In Chicago you will stay at the Mariott O’Hare, a free shuttle ride from the Airport. Adjacent to the property is an “L” platform that will whisk your partner downtown for a day of shopping for only $1.75! 

This Johnson Organ, now in its THIRD home, was heard in 1984, but is now in the opulent acoustics of Saint Josephat Catholic Church. It is the oldest resident organ of Chicago.

Johnson Organ

Because Chicago is also the home of architects like Burnam, Frank Lloyd Wright and Sullivan, we want to show you organs wed to spectacular architecture like this Casavant at North Shore Congregation Israel.

Casavant Organ

We hope to bring you to see other rooms such as Preston Bradley Hall, in the former Chicago Public Library – it is an ALL TIFFANY designed room. 

This Richard O. Whitelegg Möller, four manuals, built within six weeks and three days in 1935, complete with a Fourniture, Cornet and a Harmonics (with a Septième!) on the Great, sounds forth in a Chicago Public High School seating 1,800 in a three second acoustic! It has not been actively heard in thirty years!

Möller Organ

There are two superbly restored E.M. Skinners that you will hear in evening concert; one, a 1914, formerly in the Christian Science Church in Evanston and the second, a four manual at First Methodist in Oak Park. 

This organ is truly UNIQUE. It is a Wiener organ, and we will travel to Techny, Illinois to hear it in its breathtaking setting and fine acoustic.

Wiener Organ

You will be whisked around in cooled motor coaches and have the opportunity to take a lake cruise to behold the noble Chicago skyline.

Boat Cruise

We will travel to Indiana and see the Phelps Casavant in the radiant Cathedral in Gary, Indiana with marvelous acoustics! 

In Valparaiso, Indiana, we will see the 1889 Hook, restored and relocated by our OHS President, Scot Huntington. 

Hook & Hastings Organ

The Christian Science Church in Winnetka will open its doors so we can hear its Chicago-built organ, a two manual Kimball from 1938 that, if you walked into the chambers, looks and smells new! 

Kimball Organ

Pipe Organs by Illinois’ current builders, Berghaus, Buzard and Bradford will also be heard. Speaking of Illinois, we hope to present a three manual 1926 Hinners, built in Pekin, Illinois!

Bring your friends and family and stay awhile!  The $135.00 rate per night is for one, two, three or four in the room. With three roommates it comes to $35.00 a night! There are world-class art museums, theatres, architectural tours, botanic gardens and LOTS and LOTS of shopping!

We will hear the grand Casavant at Orchestra Hall, the restored Estey at the American College of Surgeons; also organs by Noack, Wurlitzer, Pasi and Flentrop. 

Our Annual Meeting will be held at Grace Episcopal in Oak Park, where “Home Alone” and Robert Altman’s “The Wedding” were filmed.

Beautiful and grand, intimate and well-crafted, a UNIVERSE of sounds await you.


All we need is YOU!